About me
My name is Marius Skadberg. This is my personal website that I use to showcase a few of my projects. Some of the more mature projects have been relased over at Frozenbuffer Software.

3D modelling

I was first introduced to the world of game development though 3D modelling. At some point I turned my attention towards programming and stopped modelling, but there are still a few pieces I'm still proud to present.


HairCutPro is an education program I created for hairdresser teacher. It enables you to create a variety hairstyles using simple intuitive tools and visualize the final result using advanced physics.


Creating a raytracer is a fun and rewarding exercise in programming. While my implementation isn't revolutionary in any way, it is very flexible and performs well. I'm currently working on integrating it with a new unannounced project. For now, you can look at a nicely lit Standford bunny

Guitar Calculator

Guitar customization is a huge topic for many, and picking the right strings to go with it can be a tricky task. There is a tradeoff between the thickness of the strings and the tension required to play the right note. This tool simplifies the task of figuring out what string combinations are possible without breaking the laws of physics.


Trackers are used to create and play MIDI type music. They are usually used for realtime applications called "demos", in order to create pleasing audiovisual experiences using the least amount of storage space.

Video codec

Video compression is a very technical subject which is encumbered with software patents. There are multiple competing standards to choose from, each with their pros and cons. In order to better understand the technology, I decided to write my own video compression algorithm. While the wasn't even close to competing with established technologies, it was a good learning experience.

Arduino Clock

In recent years, embedded hardware such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi have made electronics extremely accessable. I've programmed this Arduino with a 16x16 LED matrix to create a custom alarm clock.

Prototype: Spaceblocks

Another one of my game prototypes. Inspired by old DOS games, it's a side scrolling shmup. I eventually put the project on hold due to the scope being way beyond what I could do as a single person at the time.

Prototype: Evospin

One of my earlier game projects. Intended as a physics based puzzle game. I never finished the game, but it does feature split screen multiplayer and surprisingly fun gameplay. I really like the simple aesthetic, so I'll probably get back to it eventually.

You can reach me on email admin@eizondev.com or twitter @EizonDev.